heyo! i'm evelyn, i make erotic audio, comfort roleplays and create audio dramas for an adult audience.

i specialize in private fetish scripts and character performance.

late update:
jan 20 2022

please read my terms of service for more info

i will not/cannot do:

  • violence/physical abuse

  • underage/loli/shota

  • watersports/scat/vomit

  • vore/bestiality

  • self-harm/suicide/death/snuff

  • hyper-realism/IRL impressions

character audio

short-form scripts and character voices. made to be used in adult productions for animation, video games, podcasts, or other projects.


$0.20 per word (50 words/$10)
$2.5 per line
$15 per min. of moaning
pricing accommodations for non-commercial projects available

add sfx

$20 for 10 seconds or less
$60 per 60 seconds or less
ambience, slapping/sex, context sfx


AT2020USB+ / microphone
ATH-M50x / headset
iZotope RX 8 / editing software
REAPER / digital audio workspace

voice print + tropes

med-high, american, raspy, energetic
tomboy, tsundere, bratty, genki girl

notes + info

prices are for both SFW and NSFW

<500 words or <5 min moaning take <1 week to record, editing varies

for business inquiries,
email me for more info.

roleplay audio

long-form scripts and standalone roleplays. made independently and to immerse the listener with an intimate audio experience.


$0.50 per 10 words
($5/100 words, $0.05/word)
1k words is around 10 min of audio.

+$25 name mention/meta
+$50 private audio


$10/minute, 2-6 min ($20-60)
2 min min, 6 min max
automatically private/exclusive
allows name mention


+$0 just vocals + kissing
+$40 sound effects + wet sounds

notes + info

prices are for both SFW and NSFW

please submit an original script.
i will not perform someone else's script without their permission.

<2000 words or <20 min moaning take 1-2 weeks to record

editing will need more time

refunds available
read full TOS for details.

contact me for more info...
or send a meme, those are cool too!

commission details and terms of service

i list my work process and details here. feel free to ask questions!

terms of service

by requesting a commission you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • you are of legal adult status in your country and at least 18 years old; i will never accept work willingly and knowingly from an underage person

  • any work is legal and ethically safe to create, sell, and possess; i will never create or sell unethical work

  • any personal information exchanged for proper payment or will be kept confidential and private. all parties understand that leaking any information including but not limited to: legal names, email addresses, payment information, contents of private messages, commission/ project information or NDA forms

  • we agree to a professional relationship and do not have explicit personal relationships formed due to commission work

  • if terms are broken or violated, i have a right to document the client's actions with personal information blocked due to, including but not limited to: harassment (sexual or otherwise), failure of payment or other scams, unprofessional conduct or flippant disrespect

the usual work process:

  • you send commission request

  • i make a link for your slot

  • you confirm details and submit payment

  • i work on your commission

topics / limits

have questions your kink or scene? simply just ask if you're unsure!

i like performing:

  • romance anime tropes

  • tomboy/tsundere

  • drama/fantasy/sci-fi

  • blowjobs/oral fixation

  • hold the moan/whispering

i'm ok with most kinks and topics, however, i will not perform:

  • violence/physical abuse

  • ageplay/underage/loli/shota

  • watersports/scat/vomit

  • vore/bestiality/feral

  • self-harm/suicide/death/snuff

  • hyper-meta/IRL impressions

  • do not ask me to perform or roleplay as an existing or resembling person in your personal life.

script pricing and details / per word

$5/100 words of dialogue, rounded up to nearest 10's
also read as $0.50/10 words

EX: 144 actual spoken words = charging for 150 words: (15*0.5) = $7.5
EX: 1000 words = 10 min OR 100 words = 1 min, depending on pauses
i do not count actions or context text, feel free to add as much notes as you'd like

LIMITS: no limit on length/word count, but over 30 minutes/3000 words may have additional fees and time taken to record and/or edit. please note if you don't want slight improv!

improv pricing and details / per minute

request a minimum time limit with a prompt.
$8/minute, 3-15 minutes requested ($24-120)

i do best with the tags you want and a quick scene overview. i also use the CROW principles to build the scene, if you're familiar with improv acting :)
if you can provide Character, Relationship, Objective, and Where, it will help me understand the kind of audio you'd like! :D

LIMITS: expected audio length will be 3 min minimum and 15 min maximum. please note if you want certain themes or names!

extras pricing and details / option dependent

to add editing...
i edit all my own audio and pay/make my own sound effects, so fees cover editing labor and sfx rights.
as a general rule, 3 minutes of finished roleplay audio takes about an hour to edit, time, proof-listen, re-edit, etc.

EX: 15 minute audio = 5 hours to fully edit and finish
— delivery time varies depending on editing demands of the script. ranges from 1 week (wet sounds only) to 1 month (full background ambience + wet/slap sounds)

to add name usage...
let me know what name you'd like me to say, how to say it (tone and pronunciation) and i'll simply do it! if the audio is public then i'll edit it out for your privacy and you also get an anonymous/no-name version of your audio request.

to add private audio rights...
you get to be the only person who rightfully owns the audio after it's made. i won't post it anywhere to view and i'll issue a takedown notice if i find it anywhere other than where you've approved of the audio being posted. please note i may not keep the HQ version once you get the final product, and it is your responsibility to keep your copy of the audio after i have sent the deliverable to you.

payment / delivery

i use and Stripe to process payments.

i use Gmail (GDrive) to send/host audio as a .wav deliverable(s), then save an .mp3 archive to
— audio can be sent in .wav, .flac, or .mp3 on request.
— hosting on private soundgasm link available on request.

estimated delivery below, contact me for a more accurate delivery date!
mainly SFW, <500 words, or <5 min moaning take <1 week to record
mainly NSFW, <2000 words, or <20 min moaning take 1-2 weeks to record
editing will add time, dependent on demands.

for character audio commissions...
— full payment taken upfront when script is prepped or otherwise agreed.
— i do not file-split by default. all lines are delivered in one audio file.
— moans/efforts recorded separately upon request.

for roleplay audio commissions...
— (over $60) 50% payment taken upfront and 50% after audio completion
— (under $60) full amount upfront
— i send an invoice with the full amount after initially accepting a request, then leave it open until the audio is completed.

errors / corrections

minor corrections or errors of my own fault (mispronunciations/missed words, changing minor sfx) is done at no additional charges or fees
— max 3 retakes

major corrections or changes not of my own fault (complete retakes or ambience editing) are subject to fees depending on labor required to perform them and correct the invoice.
— max 2 retakes

refunds / emergencies

contact me within 72 hours/3 days after the first deposit for full refund
— i will promptly return your deposit in full and take your request off my roster. after 72 hours/3 days, i have already processed your request and cannot offer any refunds.

25% refund on dissatisfaction after audio is delivered, and relinquishing audio rights. inability to complete payment means relinquishing audio rights.
this means if you choose to request a refund because you are dissatisfied with the deliverable, or if you end up not paying the invoices after reminders, you allow me to sell or repurpose the audio.

100% refund if i have wild/emergency circumstances that do not allow me to complete your request. all rights remain yours.

thank you!

thank you for your message!

if this was a commission, i'll email you through
see the Trello board for com status,
or review my TOS on refunds and delivery.

otherwise, thank you for reaching out :3c